Sailing the mighty ships!

Today we visited Pye Bank pond with our fabulous Viking ships, to sail them on their maiden voyage.


Eid Mubarak!

Today we celebrated Eid with our friends and family. We had a great time.

Aboriginal Art

As we have been learning about an Australian story, we decided to look at some of the history of Australia. We found out that the first people to settle in Australia were called Aborigines. We looked at how they used to create art and had a go at making our own!

Our families.

This week we learnt about where families of children in Shimmering Stars class  come from. We discovered that we have children who have families all over the world. Altogether we discovered that our families originate from 14 different countries. We learnt about what it is like in those countries, what food they eat, how they dress and how to speak some words in each other’s language. We found it really interesting.

Diversity week

This week we have been learning about diversity. We discussed whether we thought diversity was important. In our discussion we decided that diversity was important because we believe it is important to be our own unique person. We had a visit from the footprints theatre at the beginning of the week and we learnt about a story from Australia called Tiddalick the Toad. It taught us that it is important to not be greedy and share with others.

What makes plants grow?

This week we have begun an experiment to find out if plants will grow in different conditions. We have worked in groups and each group has something different to test out. For example – one group are trying to find out if seeds will grow without water. We are going to watch them over the next week and observe what happens! We made predictions before we started so we will see if our predictions were correct!


This year we have been reading books by the author Jill Tomlinson as our class readers. So far we have read about an owl who was  afraid of the dark, a gorilla who wanted to grow up and a penguin who wanted to find out. This half term we are reading about an otter called Pat. She likes to know things too and asks lots of questions. We have found all of these books really interesting because it teaches us all about the different animals.